Real Estate Business Advisors

We’ve Lived Real Estate. We Take an Owner’s Perspective.


Sharone Mayberry, Owner, Mayberry Homes

“Credibility when it comes to walking into some of the major banks.”

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Tom Berry, Co-Owner, Tom Berry REI LLC

“An accounting firm that I don’t think I will outgrow.”

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Ivan Madrigal, Principal Owner, Builders Choice Inc.

“We really tackle business problems together.”

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Toby Ware, President, Ad Valorem Advisors

“There’s always a smile on the other end of the phone.”

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Joe DeGeorge, President, J. Patrick Homes

“Kurt has been helpful with accounting and operational issues we’ve evaluated. And I trust and value Sheri’s opinion on homebuilding tax issues. Because they understand the homebuilding business so well, they interact with our team painlessly and efficiently. And they hit their deadlines, which is very important to me. I’m certainly glad I found them as our CPA firm.”

Terry Shakarisaz, Houston Homebuilding Executive

“I have known Kurt and Sheri for a very long time and have always found them to be extremely professional, knowledgeable, and have the utmost integrity in all that they do. Since they both have worked in the homebuilding business, they are so easy to talk to as we speak the same language. Kurt has directed our company’s annual financial audit and also prepared our complex consolidation. And Sheri does my, and several other key executives here, personal tax returns as well. You couldn’t find a better pair of people to trust with your business.”