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Tax Services

Tax Planning should always come first!  By having the right tax structure, not only will you save taxes, but also save administrative time and costs.

The better we understand YOU, the better we can serve YOU.

Potential Clients

As a potential client, you will provide us with your last two years of tax returns and financials.  We will review this and go over it with you during our meetings.  Based upon our initial meeting, as a group we will determine your needs and rank them in order.  This will allow you to focus on what is important and for us to determine the appropriate service fee.

New Clients

As a new client, you will have had the initial consultation and now it’s time for the onboarding process.  Here’s some of the items that will be done:

• Review legal docs to make sure they match the tax return, and your understanding of how your business works.

• Input prior tax return into our software, to confirm tax treatment.

• Set-up tickler system, so we can make sure tax deadlines are met.

Existing Clients

As an existing client, every year you will determine your level of services.  No matter the level of services, you will have access to your team, via phone/emails with no additional charge (for those quick questions).  This allows you to make informed and real-time decisions.  If it is determined additional work must be completed, we will advise if any additional charges are necessary before we start any project.

Beyond return preparation, here are some services offered:

• Quarterly estimated tax calculations.

• Annual review of your goals and current ownership structure to make sure they still match.  This service will be done well before year-end, so if any adjustments are necessary, they can be made before the next year starts.

• Review legal documents for the purchase, selling or organization of businesses to provide a strategy to leave as much money in your pocket as possible.



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